a crown of laurels

Edinburgh Fringe 2019


a crown of laurels
(fig.) honour, distinction, fame
”open the earth to enclose me, or change my form”

In Ovid’s Metamorphoses, Daphne is turned into a laurel tree for eternity to protect her from the unwanted advances of the god, Apollo. Reframing this classical story, Wanton Theatre present the story of a modern-day Daphne in this radical two-hand musical about power, survival, and speaking out.

Written by critically-acclaimed duo Rabinovitz & Hay following their 5* debut musical at EdFringe 2018, a crown of laurels is a delicate examination of the relationship between art and rape culture.

a crown of laurels is at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, performed at THE SANCTUARY, PARADISE IN AUGUSTINES at 15:00 from 3-10 AUG 2019.

press pack available on request - please contact Pia Szabo: pia@wantontheatre.org

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“Sensitively written, powerfully performed [...] it is a brave but necessary production for a post-#MeToo world.
— Megan McCully, The Stand

a crown of laurels was created in workshops with the company through performances at On The Rocks Festival in April 2019.
Eleanor Burke starred as Daphne, opposite Coggin Galbreath as Olly. Photography by Samantha Chinomona.