Alexandra Place, 27/28 November 2016, producer

About Scottish Uni students, and acted by Scottish Uni students, Boys (by Ella Hickson, dir. Ryan Hay), was kept very naturalistic; it was staged in the kitchen of a student flat in town. As most of the show revolves around intense parties, we had a live DJ and gave shots out to the audience on arrival. Incredibly intimate, the audience capacity was limited by how many we could get into the living area of the room; this added to the claustrophobic environment that the show takes place in. We mixed various herbs to create something smoke-able that would actually smell like weed, and researched which powders can be inhaled and snorted like cocaine. We collected takeaway boxes and empty bottles, dirty dishes and other rubbish, and cleared the flat’s kitchen, using their cupboards and having the actors make tea onstage, or open beers that they had just taken from the fridge.