Daphne - Stephanie Herron
Olly - Miles Peter Hurley
Violin - Joseph McMahon
Viola - Eilidh Welsh
Cello - Lucy Hellawell
Bass - Lavie Rabinovitz

 Ryan Hay - Writer/Director
Lavie Rabinovitz - Composer/Musical Director
Danielle Donnally - Scenographer/Designer
Lucy Hellawell - Musical Director
Amy Addinall - Production Manager
Pia Szabo - PR & Marketing Manager


a crown of laurels is supported by the Antony Tudor Fund.
In 1970, St Andrews awarded the famous choreographer Antony Tudor with an honorary doctorate in recognition of his contribution to ballet. Oxford University apparently followed suit after a short period of time, but it was the University of St Andrews that Dr Antony Tudor remembered in his will. Dr Tudor’s legacy of $95,000USD has been supporting drama and music within the university for over two decades.