Urinetown: The Musical

The Just So Society's Urinetown: the Musical, with a cast of 18 and a crew of 21, was an unusually large student production, and was an opportunity for myself and Danielle to challenge ourselves on the skills we had been developing as theatre-makers. This was a very carefully researched show, and I put in about 4 weeks' research before going into rehearsal, understanding the period, the motivations behind the writing of the show, the intellectual background from which it was born, and its resonances today. This research fed directly into every aspect of the production - it affected by ideas about design as well as the way I led rehearsals.

We also did some outreach workshops with the cast at Byre Youth Theatre, a local organisation which does acting and dancing classes, but no musical theatre classes. Meeting and working with the young people there on something they'd never seen before gave us a huge buzz as a company, and many of the participants who most enjoyed the workshops were seen in our audiences with their parents.