The Wanton team is constantly evolving and growing with each new project that we take on. This year alone we have collaborated with three different directors and over 75 actors and creatives, and are always looking to broaden our scope and understanding of theatre through these partnerships.


Ryan Hay // Co-Founder // portfolio

Danielle Donnally // Co-Founder // portfolio


After co-founding Wanton Theatre Company in November 2015, Danielle and Ryan have acted as the Executive Producers over all of the productions, while also taking on individual roles for each. Danielle is usually the Production Manager, dealing with all things crew and designer related, while Ryan usually directs the shows. If not directing, Ryan will work directly on text, or he will take on the role of Dramaturg, doing research to help some of our collaborating directors better understand the material they work with. The overall production design and aesthetic choices are wholly collaborative, and they'll both go the extra mile and lose sleep to make sure every last detail is as good as it can be, and that everyone feels supported to do their best work. Their friends have never really sympathised.



  Image: Sonder Theatre UK

Image: Sonder Theatre UK

Mishia Leggett

Mishia helped us immensely to create the concept of the company as a whole. Managing publicity for our first production, at the Edinburgh Fringe, Mishia helped us to create a solid idea of what we believed in and worked towards. A talented actress in her own right, Mishia tackled the role of Hedda Gabler earlier this year and is now moving on to teaching. We wish everyone could have a teacher as caring and wonderful as we're sure Mishia will be.

  Image: Jamie Jones Photography

Image: Jamie Jones Photography

Alexander Gillespie

Al's informed advice and graphic design skills were indispensable in the conception of the Wanton Theatre brand. He is a knowledgable, sensitive, and bold artist, and we were absolutely delighted to work with him as director on our production of Nick Payne's Constellations. The production was a real labour of love for Al, and we hope that its rave reviews speak for themselves. We can't wait to see where Al's immense talent takes him next.


Joanna Bowman: Jo directed our production of Mike Bartlett's Cock; she is the Artistic Director of Sonder Theatre UK, and a great friend. She has accepted a place on the prestigious Birbeck/RADA MA Text & Performance course, which she will begin in the fall. Yassss. 

Jared Liebmiller: Jared has been involved with Wanton from our first production, acting in 'Tis Pity and Constellations. He was also the Assistant Director for Cock. He is a great actor and always willing to talk, perhaps a little too much, about theatre.

Duncan Swan: A talented graphic designer, Duncan made our publicity for everything from Beckett through to Urinetown: The Musical, and this has really helped us shape our brand. He was also a committed and wonderfully sensitive Cam in our production of Boys by Ella Hickson. Duncan is a theoretical physics MPhys student, and a bookseller. He prefers the latter.