Urinetown: The Musical

The Byre Theatre, April 1-3 2017, Producer and designer

As Producer and Designer, I was in charge of the 21 person crew, and 18 person cast of Urinetown: the musical (dir. Ryan Hay). Wanting to stay true to the production history of the show, we set the musical in a vaguely 40’s post-war era. We had a large scaffold erected onstage, with a central platform and two walkways, underneath which was nestled the amenity wall, which we tiled ourselves. We attached three functional taps to the front, allowing us to have running water during the finale. The show, as well as being about bureaucracy, is also a parody of the musical as an art form, making fun of the institution of Broadway. To highlight this we emphasised the parodic moments within the show itself, as well as adding a gauze with a reveal in the opening number, referencing many classic American musicals.